Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach

The shield that protects senior citizens & gives them assurance of good healthcare!

This is the fourteenth year of a mission that was initiated with a very strong social commitment. Based on the experience & expertise of these many years, this initiative has now become a lot more fulfilling & inclusive in its second decade of operations. Millions of people have been benefitted out of the services offered through this banner so far. And Lakhs of members have renewed their membership for total fitness & a healthy life. Today, we are fighting against the second wave of Covid-19 and the  treatments, diagnostic services & other medical facilities related to it have already been included in Suraksha Kawach.

Basically, The Kawach does not intend that anyone should fall seriously ill, get bed-ridden and then avail of the concessions & assistance that are integrally attached with it. The core objective of this mission is to provide healthy, happy & happening lifestyle for senior citizens.

A wide range of diagnostic services, OPD facilities, advanced medical treatments, quality healthcare check-ups, huge monetary benefits are for you so that you keep smiling & continue being totally fit!

The consultation of specialized doctors & renowned surgeons is available at very reasonable charges. And notable fact is that there are no limitations or exclusions on the basis of age or pre-existing illnesses. Needless to say, a large section of members every year avail of benefits that are actually worth of multiple times of the registration fee.

You need not worry even if you have to get hospitalized. In fact, The Suraksha Kawach is truly a boon for citizens above 70 years of age. Because, all that is not covered in your expensive health insurance plans, can be availed under this scheme. It entails up to 75% of concessions (subject to exclusions) all other check-ups & services at reasonable rates without excluding your prevailing, chronic disorders. Because every service of Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kawach aims at sincerely helping senior citizens from a humanitarian perspective…

(Following services are provided independently: *Sahyadri Hospital Ltd –Health Care services/ **Sakal Media Pvt Ltd.– Social Services)

Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach Registrations for year Apr 2021-Mar 2022


A ) For 50-69 years of age  (DOB  From 1st April 1952 to 31st March 1971)

Sahyadri Hospitals’ consideration for medical (healthcare) services – Rs. 4100/-
Sakal Media ‘s consideration for social services.: Rs. 1200/-

B) For above 70 years of age (DOB before 31st March 1952)

Sahyadri Hospitals’ consideration for medical (healthcare) services – Rs. 5450/-
Sakal Media ‘s consideration for social services.: Rs. 1200/-

Registration Process can be availed using the following options:

i) Online Registration

ii) Registration center at sahyadri hospitals.

iii) Home collection

Want to avail Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach?

New user can register with us while existing beneficiary can renew plan in few simple steps.


Mr. Madhukar Dattatrya Abdagiri, Mrs. Padma Madhukar Abdagiri

Sakal Suraksha Kavach covers Covid treatment too! My wife and I have been members of Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach for 5 years. My wife and I turned Covid Positive, so we were admitted to Sahyadri Hospital. During this Covid period, Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach helped us a lot. As a member of Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach we got 75% discount on the bill i.e. Rs. 152122/-and my wife got Rs. 66,604/- discount. We both are very grateful for the Sakal Suraksha Kavach. We were both completely cured by Covid treatment in Sahyadri. Therefore I would like to advice other senior citizens that they should take membership of Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach. There is no concession for covid under any other scheme. But under Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach yojana you get 75% discount on the Bill. We were relieved to have a Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha kavach membership.

Sadashiv Moreshwar Phadake

My name is Sadashiv Phadake. I obtained Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach for the period of 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021. I was admitted in Sahyadri Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, in September 2020. I had two operations in this month. I found the procedure for registration with SSS Kavach very helpful. I got substantial benefits for the treatment and hospitalization bill in both the operations including medicines. I feel that registration under Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach is very essential for medical treatment particularly for senior citizens. I am very much thankful to Sakal & Sahyadri Group for providing such facility.

Ashok Vinayak Deshmukh

I am 73 years old and a member of Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach. As the name implies, the scheme truly gives medical protection like a protective shield. I have been suffering from Kidney problem since last few days. And I was admitted to Sahyadri Hospital in Hadapsar for 10 days. The hospital bill was Rs 4,70,000/- But what a relief, I got discount of Rs 1,15,000/- from Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach! I got huge discount and I am very thankful for this. I would like to say that every one of my age should consider this plan. Enrolment is very easy & convenient! I am very grateful to Sakal Sahyadri Suraksha Kavach.
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